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About Us

We started SweetBrick with one goal in mind: provide a forum to learn about, discuss, and understand the choices available when considering environmentally friendly building materials. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions when you consider the array of options available to you when you undertake a renovation or new building construction project. We've assembled a collection of features, articles, and experts to help guide you through the fun, challenging, costly, enriching, and potentially world-changing endeavor of building or renovating a green home or business.

Our passion is the green revolution slowly brewing in the way we build, heat, cool, and decorate our homes and businesses. Traditionally, choices in building materials were made solely on the basis of cost, time, and quality with little or no consideration of the impact those choices have on our environment as a whole. As consumers, builders, and manufacturers have begun to consider the global impact of their choices, we've seen an explosion in information and choices about the environmental impact of the choices we make in building our homes and businesses.

The amount of choices in a typical remodel or construction project is staggering. Thousands of colors, materials, shapes, and options are available for every major decision: flooring, roofing, cabinets, decking, landscaping, etc. The array of choice is a wonderful development but one that has gotten more complex over the years: how do you balance the typical considerations in building choices: time, money, and quality with the desire to make environmentally sensitive choices?

The choices available today beg a series of questions--what kind of toxic materials went into the production of the materials? how far did my materials have to travel to my home? are the materials renewable resources? Our goal is to help answer these questions so you can make a more informed and complete decision about your building materials

Environmental impact information for most building materials was anecdotal and spotty at best. With SweetBrick you have a resource to help guide you through this process. Building green is an activity that has the potential to make a profound impact on our world, the choices we make today have an impact on the world we live in and the world we leave behind.